Women Journalists in Hiding to IPS: Silencing the Voice of Afghan Women

The issue of sexual harassment against women journalists is a global issue that has been on the forefront of international discussion for some time. Despite the fact that this problem is mostly limited to men, it has also affected women. Among the most common forms of such harassment include threats, physical assault, and even death. However, there are a few instances of women who are able to rise above such harassment, and some of them are shared below.

His identity has to be kept secret so that he does not fall into the hands of the Taliban

One female Afghan journalist, Sama, describes the situation of her country’s once-free capital, Kabul. She was told to leave the country, and not to come to work because Taliban militants would find her. She is forced to hide her identity in order not to be caught by the Taliban. She was even banned from wearing make-up while in her office. During the fall of Kabul, Afghan media employees were told to stay home and not report for work. She was not allowed to work when her equipment was looted during a raid on her office.

Violent intimidation and threats of attacks on women journalists

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan has been a source of serious intimidation and attacks against female journalists. According to the organization, the Taliban’s claims to’soften’ women have been contradicted by reports from other provinces. The Taliban’s statements are in stark contrast to their actions on the ground. Although the ICWJ reports that the regime is trying to soften women, this is simply not the case.

The Taliban’s statements conflict with their actions

The recent report by the CFWIJ finds that the Taliban continues to kill journalists and human rights activists in Afghanistan. While this may seem like an isolated incident, it is an indication of what is happening on the ground. As the Taliban’s rhetoric contradicts their actions, there is a lack of support in the international community for women in the media. This is an alarming trend.

The Taliban’s claim to soften women is controversial

Most journalists in Afghanistan are members of international media, which supports their work. But despite the claims of the Taliban, the organization continued to attack reporters and human rights activists, including Afghan female journalists. And while some Taliban leaders have said that they’re “acquiescing to silence women”, these statements contradict the Taliban’s actions on the ground.

Many women have been killed by the Taliban

The Taliban’s rule has imposed a strict code of conduct against female journalists. Many women have been killed by the Taliban, and they are afraid of being attacked. Their work is crucial to the country’s stability. While the Taliban’s threats against female journalists have become more widespread in recent years, it remains the case that the situation in Afghanistan is far more complex than most people realize.


The Taliban’s targeting of female journalists has been a major concern for many years. They have forced many female Afghan journalists to leave their workplaces and remain hidden, so they have no choice but to continue their work. As a result, Afghan women who work in the media face the same risks as male counterparts. For women, this is particularly threatening because they are unable to report on the Taliban’s demands.

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