Why You Need a Retractable Screen Door

When the weather is nice, it’s great to be able to keep your doors and windows open for some fresh air. Being able to get some fresh air circulating in your home and enjoying the outdoors is perfect on those days where the temperature is just right. However, the worst part about opening up your home to the fresh breeze is that you also open it up to all kinds of different insects. To be able to keep your doors open, you need something like a retractable screen door that lets the air in and keeps the bugs out. Plus, a retractable screen door opens hands free and closes on its own. There are all kinds of benefits to having a retractable screen door for your home.

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Easy Install

Your first thoughts might be that installing a retractable screen door might be complicated. However, it’s very much the opposite. Because it comes with everything you need, all you have to do is simply follow the instructions on how to install. No need to call someone to install it for you. You can get a retractable screen door that you simply tack up around your door frame. With magnets going down the middle from top to bottom, the screen will open when you walk through and close behind you. This installation process requires very little tools or skill to successfully hang the screen door. The velcro strip and the tacks along the edges work as a double layer of reinforcement for all of the activity in and out of your door. Simply hang it up in minutes and enjoy the benefits of keeping your doors open anytime.

Adjustable For Your Door Frame

Another benefit of a retractable screen door is that you can adjust it to your door frame’s size. It can fit a door frame as large as 38×82 inches. But if your door frame is smaller, you can easily hem the edges to fit your smaller door frame. The instructions give you in depth details on how to simply adjust your retractable screen door in little to no time. That way, your screen door will fit perfectly on your door frame without gaps or extra layers of the mesh screen.

Easy For Everyone

Sometimes screen doors can be a pain to operate. They might stick in the track, or the handle may be hard to hold for little ones. With a retractable screen door that is magnetic, the adults, kids, and pets can easily walk in and out without having to use a handle or push it open. No more kids accidentally running through the screen door and breaking the screen. Also no more having to get up every time your dog needs to go outside. If you are serving a meal outside, you can easily walk through the screen door with your hands full, and not have to worry about trying to open it. And then, it quickly closes behind you so you don’t have to also worry about turning around to close it. The retractable screen door is for everyone. With just a nudge, it will open for the ederly, moms with their hands full, and those crazy kids running around.

Easy to Clean

With a regular screen door, it operates on a sliding track. Often, that track gets filled with dirt, bugs, and leaves, making it difficult to open over time. The retractable screen door is trackless, as it hangs around your door frame instead of sliding on the ground. This makes it much easier to clean and requires very little upkeep. If it gets dirty, you can simply take a wet cloth and wipe the screen down until it’s as good as new. There’s also no handle. Screen doors with a handle can often get dirty and sticky from adults and kids constantly going in and out. A retractable screen door that is hands free keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Heavy Duty

The retractable screen door is made with heavy duty polyester and even has a reinforced edge to help prevent tears. The strong magnets down the middle keep the screen tightly closed until pressure is applied to open it. The retractable screen door is designed to keep up with you and your family’s daily activities, while still allowing that necessary fresh air to come into the home.

A New Door For Your Home

A retractable screen door is perfect for your home. The easy installation process makes it simple for just about anyone to hang up in minutes. The heavy duty mesh is made to last and keep up with family activities. With magnets running down the middle, the screen easily opens when you walk through and automatically closes behind you. Now you, your kids, and your pets can walk through the door with ease. With a retractable screen door, your family can enjoy letting the fresh air in, and keeping the bugs out.

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