Why Should You Avoid Statements In Front Of The Insurance Company?

Car accidents and other personal injury cases have become common. The number of personal injury cases and victims has been increasing seemingly. In such cases, you must be aware of dealing with similar situations. Neglecting and avoiding essential factors for your safety can only result in harm. You should click here to know more about personal injury cases and how an attorney can help you. 

Apart from legal representation and assistance, some aspects of a personal injury case must be known and accounted for. The most crucial factor in any injury case is an insurance claim. While victims may effectively deal with the insurance executives by collecting evidence and gathering medical records, providing statements or discussing the accident with the insurer has often been confusing. 

Reasons to avoid statements and confusion when around the insurer. 

  • Accident scene 

The accident scene contains a lot of information about the damages and injuries the victim faces. After the accident, it will be likely that the victim will encounter the insurance company. Upon meeting with them, the insurance executive will pay close attention to each statement the victim passes about the accident scene. 

The executive may attempt to withdraw any statement from the victim that will affect the claim amount. Insurance companies are always known for using victims’ statements against them as an attempt to reduce their compensation. Hence, it would be best to consult an attorney before speaking with the insurer. 

  • Claim size 

As we mentioned, the insurance company will likely try to use anything against the victim to reduce the claim size. Personal injury victims with insurance are generally compensated after the accident based on injuries, damages, and statements. Although, the claim amount can significantly get affected if the victim admits to something about the accident. 

The victim must avoid admitting to anything about the accident unless their attorney approves. There is a high risk of the claim size being reduced only because of the victim’s statements about the accident. 

  • Financial assistance 

Most personal injury victims rely on their insurance claims to financially recover from the accident. Such an instance could only be possible if the insurance claim gets approved and settled. If the victim accidentally, unintentionally, or unknowingly provides any statements in contradiction to the accident, it will be likely that financial assistance will be diminished. 

In a nutshell, the victim must not provide any statement or pass any comment related to the accident in front of the insurance company executive. It could help the victim protect their interests and the claim’s fate. 

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