What Do You Need to Know about Installing Decals on Your Cars?

Business owners and marketers have been using vehicle decals for a long time. From the modern 3D stickers to bumper car decals, this marketing technique has proved extremely effective for countless small and large businesses. Despite their effectiveness, many marketers overlook the importance of this specific marketing strategy. Modern businesses focus more on digital marketing and some specific traditional marketing such as billboards and newspaper ads to promote their business. It doesn’t matter how different types of marketing techniques you use, you should not ignore the importance of vehicle branding.

Many people assume that car decals are only effective for businesses that are in the delivery or transportation industry. This is nothing but a myth. Car decals are one of the best marketing strategies any business can implement. Even though the car decals might seem like an underrated marketing strategy, business owners should not ignore them. Continue reading the article to know more about the installation of car decals.

Why You Should Use Car Decals?

Remember that your promotional vehicles can be damaged in various ways. Even if you don’t use and park your car, moisture and sunlight can undoubtedly cause damage to the paint job and the surface. This is the primary reason why many business owners consider suing car decals. The car decals are durable and capable of protecting your cars from harmful outdoor elements while also serving as a promotional medium for your company.

When you use car banners as promotional tools, you will be able to promote the brand, products, and services of your company cost-effectively.

Are Decals Harmful to the Surface of the Car?

When you purchase the best car decalsyou don’t need to worry about whether they will damage the car’s surface or not. High-quality car decals won’t cause any damage to the paint, surface, and windows of the cars. Instead, the car decals will undoubtedly protect the surfaces and windows from exposure to sunlight effectively. Some business owners choose permanent car decals that boost the lifespan of the paint job to a couple of years. As per Sliplo, UV rays can damage the paint of your car. Here are some great ways car decals can protect the surfaces and windows:

  • Most car decals are made of vinyl which is a weather-resistant and strong material. Vinyl decals come with a long lifespan even if they are exposed to harmful outdoor elements constantly.
  • The decals will be exposed to grease stains, pollutants, debris, and dirt. Therefore, these elements won’t be able to affect the paint job or surface.
  • When the damage is severe, you can easily replace the car decals.

How Can You Boost Lifespan of the Car Decals?

When you cover your car with decals, they will be able to protect your car from the harmful UV rays. But how can you protect the car decals from damage and improve their longevity? Here are some steps you should follow:

  • Maintain the car decals daily and check for moisture damages.
  • Minimize the exposure of decals to harsh sunlight.
  • Choose decals that are fade-resistant.


This is everything you need to know about installing car decals. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know.

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