What are ute trays?


When you think of a tray, you probably imagine the kind used for serving food at a party or picnic. But trays have many other uses—ones that might not be so obvious!

Trays are flat platforms often made of plastic or metal and come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Their primary function is to transport items from one location to another; they may also be used to hold objects while they’re being transported. They’re common in kitchens, where they’re used for everything from carrying dirty dishes to holding ingredients during cooking. An orderly can take a medical tray on his way down the hall with supplies for surgery patients; an artist’s palette is a type of tray he uses specific paints out of as required by a painting project he’s working on. The most common type of tray is known colloquially as ute trays because they are commonly found mounted outside Ute vehicles (four-wheel drives).

Why should you consider utility trays?

There are some reasons why you should consider adding a utility trays:

  • Keeps tools and equipment in one place. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re busy working on your car, so your devices could end up scattered around the garage or even rolling into puddles. If you have everything together in one place, keeping things clean and organized will be much easier.
  • Makes it easier to transport equipment. You don’t want to be caught without what you need when it comes time to fix something on the road! If your ute tray is in good condition and has enough room, then it can act as storage for all these essential items, so they’re handy whenever needed.
  • Makes it easier to get into the back of your ute. Not only does this make transporting tools easier (see above), but it also makes getting into other parts of your ute for storage purposes much simpler!

The different styles of ute trays

There are a variety of styles of ute trays. You can find flat trays, tub trays, cargo trays and more. If you’re looking for something that’ll double as a workstation but also be able to carry your tools, then a utility tray is the perfect solution for your car!

  • Flat trays are usually made from plastic or steel, depending on what kind of look you’re after. They take up less space than tub trays and have a lower profile when not used.
  • Tub trays have rounded edges that make it easy to load gear into them while still leaving room in the back of the vehicle when they’re not being used – this makes them ideal for transporting items such as camping gear or hunting equipment!
  • Cargo trays come with high sides, which means there’s no risk of things falling out during transit (although some people may prefer having less material around their backseat area for comfort reasons).


utility trays are versatile tools and can be used for almost any job. They’re great for carrying goods or equipment but can also have people (and animals). You can use your utility trays to move equipment around in the field or even transport tools and materials from one location to another—it all depends on what you need it for!

Of course, if you want the best possible results when working with your utility trays, you’ll need to ensure that it’s fitted with the right accessories. And there are lots of options out there: utility trays padding is essential for protecting both yourself and whatever else is being transported; utility trays also have lighting systems that allow you to see clearly at night; finally, there are tie-down straps that hold everything down, so nothing slides off during transit.

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