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With more than 2800 movies and upcoming releases, ZEE5 is the go-to destination for movies in any language. Whether you want to watch English movies or Bollywood ones, ZEE5 has a wide range of content for all tastes. There is a new movie every day and you can stream it directly to your mobile device. Apart from films, ZEE5 also provides free access to more than 1500 TV shows. The app is available in both Android and iOS.

It is available on iOS App Store, Google Play Store, Roku devices, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, and Android TVs. You can also watch movies and shows on ZEE5. You can subscribe to the monthly pack of ZEE5 to enjoy the latest shows and episodes. However, the monthly pack will save you money. The monthly pack will let you watch your favourite movies and TV shows anytime you want, regardless of where you are in the world.

The channel will be available on mobile devices as well. Unlike its predecessors, ZEE5 is a free service. It is available on mobile phones and tablets. Users can subscribe with either a Vodafone or an Airtel phone. To make the service free, you must download the app from the app store. The app also has a section for advertising and is available on Idea and Vodafone Play. You can subscribe to both the channels.

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