Vastu Consultants – Significance of Industrial Vastu

Industries are designed with the aim that production never stops and goal achievement is never hindered by any obstacle. It is the income source for many people and closing a factory leads to disappointment for many people. Hence, every industry owner tries not to lose a single thread that may lead to a disaster, and for that many started following the principle of Vastu Shastra.

According to the Vastu consultants, Vastu holds a huge significance in industrial success. Here are some factors that should be included in the Vastu of the factory for its growth and success.

  1. First thing to start with is to finalize the plot for the factory. It includes everything the land as well as the area where the factory is going to be constructed. While following the Vastu norms, the main thing to be considered is the shape of the plot which should be square and if the area is the slope, it should be inclined from south to north direction. Inclinations play a vital role as it contributes to the wet and dry zone while constructing.
  2. Even the boundary walls of the factory should not be neglected as per Vastu principles. Cover your factory compound with an appropriate boundary wall by making some sides think and some thinner following the Vastu norms.
  3. After finalizing the area, mostly, people prefer to keep the location of the factory in a way that it is constructed in the center of the area so that enough space for parking, lobby, and other things should be left properly. Following the Vastu principles, construct the factory in the South-East, South-West, or South direction to make the business more profitable. Along with this west and south area is always considered auspicious and should never remain vacant.
  4. Make the entrance of the factory at the eastern wall of it. Mostly, factories have more than one entrance to avoid traffic, but try to make the main entrance huge and noticeable as compared to others. Whether there is more than one entrance to the factory, the main entrance should be one. Always make the staff use main entrance only while entering the factory for work.
  5. Every factory has this very important department called the administrative department which takes care of all the important documents and paperwork and keeps the track of all the work going inside the factory on paper. Make it in the west or southwest direction of the factory where the seating position of the factory manager should be placed in a way that they face north or east direction while working in the office.
  6. The storage house of the factory where all the raw materials and important things are placed should be constructed in ENE, ESE, or east direction to earn good profit for the business.
  7. Always make a small temple in the factory in the North-East zone to get the blessing of the almighty in the work. Always start your day while doing normal prayers in front of god and light a lamp to welcome positivity in the surrounding. Visit Concepts Architects.

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