Vaping safety tips for the beginners

Vaping is not new. It has been known for as long as humanity has kept a written record, perhaps even longer. The vape industry has risen tremendously in recent years to such an extent that it is practically unrecognisable from what it was. Different people have different reasons for turning to vaping. While some take it as an alternative to smoking, few use vape kits for medical purposes (like for consuming marijuana). Whatever the reason that has pulled you up here, you first need to buy the best starter vape kit in Australia.

In 2019, the sales of e-cigarettes and vape kits in Australia amounted to approximately 125 million US dollars. These figures are increasing drastically every year. According to ABS, 2.2% of the population is reported to be using a vape kit currently. Almost one in ten, 10.7% or 2.1 million people aged 18 years and over, used a vaping device at least once. Before you get your hands on a brand new vape kit for yourself, here are some valuable safety tips for all vape beginners. Continue reading!

Purchase only qualified accessories

When turning to vape, most people buy inferior quality accessories to save a few bucks. No doubt, there is a price difference between branded vape kits and local kits, but don’t forget that there is also a difference between the experience you get. Moreover, branded kits are made from high-quality materials keeping all safety measures in mind. In contrast, there is no assurance of safety for cheap products. Low-quality kits may even explode and set fire at any moment causing painful injury to the users. Therefore, it is advisable to always buy excellent quality accessories only from reputed manufacturers.

Remember vaping is different from smoking.

As a first-timer switching to vaping from traditional smoking, you may mistakenly assume vaping is similar to smoking. But it is not! Australian men are more likely to vape daily than women; while men count for 12.6%, women only 8.8% of the population. So no matter which device you purchase, the vaping experience cannot be similar to tobacco smoking. Also, like tobacco smoking, you should not try and vape too hard as it will only induce throat irritation and discomfort.

Avoid sub-ohming

Vape kit manufacturers and suppliers get bulk orders for sub-ohm devices. Reason- sub-ohming offers an enormous airflow, a tremendous amount of vapour, and organic cotton coils that fills you with mouth-watering flavour. However, a beginner should avoid sub-ohming devices as these induce coughing sensations due to open airflow and too much cloud formation. Besides this, it is recommended not to change the sub-ohms till they get entirely accustomed to a particular type of mouthpiece.

Take good care of your cartomiser.

How well you take care of your cartomiser and store your best starter vape kit in Australia is another essential thing to keep in mind. Since your cartomiser is an electronic heating device with a heating coil through which electricity runs, it needs extra care. When you apply heat to the device, the liquid inside the cartridge gets heated up; in that case, you need to keep it aside for a while. But never in a moist environment like a bathroom or kitchen, and also, don’t forget to keep the battery away from extreme high and low temperatures. When the device is exposed to extreme temperatures, it reduces the battery’s capacity and results in more charging and less vaping.

However, vaping is illegal in Australia without a prescription from a doctor; nicotine replacement products and nicotine in tobacco are exempt and freely available.

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