UAE Bans Travel For Unvaccinated Citizens

The UAE has issued a travel ban for its citizens who are not fully vaccinated against the virus Coronavirus. This ban will be effective January 10 and will require those who are already fully vaccinated to get a booster dose. Those who are medically exempt from vaccination and those traveling for medical or treatment purposes will not be affected by the new rules. However, this ban may have unforeseen consequences.

Hundreds of flights have been forced to cancel

The latest news about the UAE ban on the unvaccinated comes amid a rapid rise in cases of the virus Covid-19, a highly contagious variant of the disease. The surge in the number of cases has forced hundreds of flights to be cancelled and countless hospitalizations. According to the ministry of health, 2,556 fresh Covid-19 cases were reported in the past 24 hours. The death toll for the virus is now at 2,165.

Booster dose should be taken

The ban was announced on December 28 but will be effective on January 10 as well. The country is aiming for its citizens to be fully vaccinated to prevent diseases. Those who are already vaccinated will be required to get a booster dose. The process will begin on January 10 and will only affect medically exempt individuals. For travelers who are not yet fully vaccinated, this is a great news. This will help prevent the spread of deadly diseases, such as polio.

Travel bans for non-vaccinated citizens

The ban on the travel of unvaccinated citizens is expected to go into effect on January 10 and will only be lifted for those who are fully vaccinated. Those who have already had two doses of the vaccine will be exempted from the travel ban, but they will need a booster shot. The new rules do not affect travelers who already have medical exemptions for vaccinations, and people who need the vaccine for medical reasons will not be affected by the new laws.

Those who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to travel

The UAE is not allowing travellers who have not been vaccinated to travel there. The Arab Nation has banned all travel for unvaccinated citizens since the start of 2018. This restriction applies to those who are medically exempt from vaccination. Those who are medically exempt from vaccinations can travel to the country, but it is important to ensure they are fully vaccinated. In other words, you should not fear the ban on unvaccinated citizens.

Those who are fully vaccinated will be able to travel

The UAE has banned travel for unvaccinated citizens. Those who are fully vaccinated will be able to travel without a problem. Those who are not fully ill and unable to get the vaccine will not be affected by the ban. A person will need to get a booster dose for Covid before traveling to the UAE. It’s important to know that you’re still protected under the Covid protocol.


The UAE has also imposed a travel ban for unvaccinated citizens, who are not fully vaccinated. The ban will continue until all of the people who are vaccinated are able to travel to the UAE. There are certain categories of people who are not immune to the disease. They can travel if they have a medical exemption from vaccinations. Those who are immune to the disease can also travel to the UAE.

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