The UN Chief, in an Unprecedented War of Words, Battles it Out With a Member State

The U.N.’s new Secretary-General António Guterres has already said that he will make every effort to achieve gender parity. Despite this, a gender imbalance exists in senior posts, which may be the cause of a recent rise in the number of men in the position. In 2016, only 33 women held senior positions at the United Nations. But the role is not without its challenges. For one thing, the secretary-general must balance the demands of the Security Council and the General Assembly.

The United Nations is a complex organization

The Secretary-General is supposed to be the face of the United Nations and its member states. But when it comes to the climate, the UN secretary-general has to balance the roles of secretary and general. While there is sometimes a conflict between the two, it is usually more of a general than a secretary. And with a conflict of interests and so many challenges to confront, the job is never dull.

The role of the United Nations is very important in maintaining peace

The UN’s role is crucial in maintaining peace and preventing wars. But the current political climate in the world has created a number of obstacles to multilateral action. A number of countries have experienced military coups since January. Mali, Guinea, and Ethiopia have all experienced this, and Sudan is also believed to have experienced a coup attempt. Tensions between the United States and China have hindered multilateral action. Therefore, the UN Secretary-General’s role has never been clearer.

The United Nations is a major vehicle for multilateral activities

A major barrier to multilateral action is the fact that Ethiopia has not complied with the UN’s standards. While some militants within an ethnic group may have committed atrocities, the ruling authorities of a democratic state cannot do so. That is the reason the UN Secretary-General has taken a position unprecedented in the past. However, the UN spokesperson has stated that the Organization does not subscribe to the doctrine of persona non grata with respect to UN officers.

The recent military coup has undermined the credibility of the United Nations

The recent military coups in various African countries have weakened the UN’s credibility. In January, the country’s military took over Myanmar and Mali. In Sudan, there was a coup attempt in the country. Other nations have a lot on their plates. The Secretary-General’s position is at stake here, and he must act to prevent wars. He must heed this challenge and ensure that the world’s members do not make the same mistake.

The post of UN Secretary General is an important one

The UN Secretary-General’s position is an important one, and the new UN Chief must be a leader who can lead a team. Traditionally, candidates are presented by the Member States of the organization. However, Ms. Akanksha has taken a more controversial stance by promoting a new vision of the United Nations that is based on human factors and not on geopolitical factors. This will be one of the most significant changes in the UN’s history.


Choosing the Secretary-General’s position is not an easy job. It requires a great deal of hard work. It is not a job for the unpopular, nor should it be done for political reasons. The UN Secretary-General’s position is the most important position in the organization. During the election, the Security Council will choose a secretary-general and five vice-secretaries. The U.N. Secretariat will serve as the UN chief, and it will need to be a representative of all UN members to be elected.

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