The Truth in this Full Lorraine Chen Scam Review – Was it a success?

With everything that is happening in the world, starting up a business is scary and risky. And when you already own one, you can feel that the competition is getting tougher.

I put up a business that is related to my passion for make-up and other girls’ stuff, but the pandemic hit hard and I needed to temporarily close my physical store. 

I didn’t want everything I put up to go to waste, so I tried to consider adding an online shop to sell my product through the eCommerce platform. I hope everything will go well, but what I didn’t know is that eCommerce is not as easy as it seems.

When you transition from traditional setting to Ecommerce

Deciding to have an online store is a complicated process; from creating your own site, thinking of the payment method, and managing your overall stock. There are applications available that can help you to start all of these steps at once, eliminating the stress of dealing with each one separately.

But will this be enough? I thought so, but it wasn’t until I met Lorraine Chen and her Dropshipping program that changed my life.

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment process that eliminates the need to retain inventory on hand. Instead, the shop is selling the item and afterward sends the sales transaction to a third-party vendor, who will eventually deliver the item to the customer.

But as I have mentioned, dropshipping is not as easy as it looks. It could make or break you when not properly utilized. There are significant benefits to direct shipping. This could, nevertheless, prove hard at times, particularly at the outset.

Meeting Lorraine Chen: Who is she?

Lorraine Chen is a self-made millionaire who created The Specter Ecommerce, a program that offers courses for direct shipping.

She is a former corporate employee at the Boba Tea Shop. A promising entrepreneur who is willing to share her knowledge to make us successful in this field. Just like everyone else who is successful in their careers, Lorraine started from the bottom and worked hard to reach the top.

Because of this hardship, she decided to make it easy for newbies or for those who have set up their business the traditional way, just like me.

She has four successful businesses, yes, you read it right, she has four eCommerce businesses that are rocking Amazon’s FBA.

She would like to train others on how to generate money, reach financial freedom, and work for themselves. She is happy to share her knowledge and expertise with everyone who is eager to begin a dropshipping business because of her desires.

There are significant benefits to direct shipping. This could, nevertheless, prove hard at times, particularly at the outset.

But worry no more; Lorraine is here to guide us with her helpful courses that will definitely increase your revenue.

How does Specter Ecommerce by Lorraine Chen work?

Specter E-commerce provides you with business planning and tools to use. You will learn the fundamentals and essence of dropshipping.

They will provide an overview of how dropshipping works and how it started. 

Dropshipping strategies differ from one another; that is why this course will help to produce a smarter marketing strategy that will work for you by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and skills, just like what coach Lorraine did to me, that made me earn more than $2,000.00 daily.

This dropshipping course will truly help you grow your business by creating ideas and plans.

What this course guarantees you;

  • E-commerce direct shipping courses allow you to earn passive money without any prior experience, skills, upfront investment, or part-time work.
  • You’ll discover how to make more money by selling your products on AliExpress.
  • How to set up an online store that generates millions of dollars a year in minutes
  • Select items with a large profit margin.
  • To expand your business, market your products on Facebook and other social media sites.

Specter Ecommerce is noted as one of the best dropshipping courses online that guarantee success. 

I highly suggest that you take this course because Specter eCommerce will not;

  • Waste ten weeks of your life because the course contains extremely useful information.
  • Coach Lorraine does not offer untested methods or approaches because everything she teaches is based on her own personal experiences.
  • Allow you to take out 10 times the amount of income you believe you can without increasing your skills.
  • Let you lose track of time at the end of the course since it will undoubtedly lead to your business’ SUCCESS.

Lorraine Chen, what are her areas of expertise?

Speaking of personal experiences, did you know that coach Lorraine Chen’s personal experiences help her expertise in different areas?

Let me give you some of her areas of expertise…

  • Providing excellent service to customers

Using psychological ideas, reduce client anxiety. She can help you figure out the best solution to any business problem. The CRO channel’s final phase will generate promoters and public validation because customer satisfaction is so vital for confirmation. By focusing on CS results, you may increase overall value, attract extremely loyal clients, and speed up transactions.

  • Improve conversion rates

She collaborates with coaches to strengthen their conversion strategy, making sure it’s in sync with their engagement and retention plans. She’ll also create an action plan, and prioritize it, as well as execute the necessary control measures to boost conversion rates. She has held a variety of roles in a fast-paced setting, ranging from professional to head of state. From hands-on implementation to administration, she has worked with various promotional tools.

  • Experience design/User experience

She collaborates with experts like herself and makes suggestions on on-site design modifications that can lead to boost sales and lead. 

  • Social media advertising and Facebook expansion

If you’re already using an advertising strategy, she will assist you on how to improve it by sharing methods that have been proven and tested.

Specter Ecommerce a 10 Week Program

When I finished my program, I got scared that I might forget everything or get lost in the process since I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities of a larger income. But even after the program with Specter, I still have access to the program and I’m free to go over the program whenever needed.

Specter Ecommerce is a 10-week program that will definitely change your views about dropshipping. As I have mentioned earlier, your 10 weeks won’t be a waste of time.

Let me give you some glimpses of the 10-week program

Introduction and Mindset

  1. Introduction to the business model structure for beginners for better understanding
  2. Newbie that knows- how to make money grow
  3. If you already have ideas of what Dropshipping was, this will serve as a refresher. 

Selecting Niche

  1. Finding the perfect niche that you truly love
  2. Chance to see coach Lorraine’s niche selection lists
  3. Having the same opportunity as those who earn big with this course 


  1. Finding the perfect product/s that is/are profitable
  2. Learn insider resources to avail products that no one else has and be one step ahead of the competition
  3. A filtered list for product selection
  4. Using the same process used by the world’s best drop shippers in product selection


  1. Increase your store conversion and earn  30% more  by learning the store design called “3 pointers”
  2. Access to applications that can help attract customers and give you an edge, among the other stores.
  3. Set up your store in minutes, even without a website.
  4. A full checklist of what your store must have and what’s not.
  5. Learn store design and keys to getting huge ROIs on your traffic due to continuous increase of sales


  1. Learn to spend $1.00 a day for max ROI.
  2. Have the chance to see what happens to start with your cheap ads and scale 1000’s a day
  3. Get sales now by sending the right traffic.


  1. Having the entire system and foundation.
  2. See examples of beginners that passed their store 10k/ month mark.
  3. Watch as your $100.00 per day ROI campaigns  turn into $1,000.00 a day campaigns 
  4. See your $10k per month to be a repeated process

The Elite Series

The final week is my favorite. This week she will show you how you can earn big with Dropshipping. In this part, she’ll discuss how the task can be done by you or hire someone to do the work for you and attract potential customers. Everything is discussed one by one, detail by detail.

How do I rate Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce Program?

I would give coach Lorraine and her team 10/10 for perfectly executing the program that guarantees high revenue. 

I could say that the money I spent on the program was really worth it. I could generate $100,000 in a very short period of time and at the same time need not to worry about anything else because the process will just repeat itself. 

This is a life-changing program that I want everyone to know. I might just focus on my online store rather than opening my physical store.

Is Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce Program a SCAM?

There are many online courses that purport to be “easy” ways to make money, but few of them are legitimate

Specter Ecommerce is a highly reputable course provider that offers the following benefits:

  • Earn 7 figure income 
  • Earn $15,000 in 30 days by having the right product in your store.
  • Professional research, market analysis, and how to acquire supplier clearance are not included in the basic skills direct shipping course.

Specter Ecommerce recognizes that it is directly responsible for providing a course that teaches people how to run a business correctly.

Therefore, I can attest that Specter Ecommerce is not a scam.

The Specter Ecommerce course will help you learn all the secrets of running a successful delivery business.

Specter also has a dedicated team of customer service to provide you with any support.

Specter Ecommerce offers a lot of information for both beginners and experienced people in the drop shipping industry.

Specter Ecommerce is a company run by people who really care about their customers.

The process (of mentoring) students register on the site and tell us about their business.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner with experience in the shipping industry, then there’s no need to look any further. The only way to truly get the help you need is to have an expert, and that is Lorraine Chen and her Specter eCommerce.

Positive reviews of Specter Ecommerce Dropshipping

As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone. If people are doubtful of those who have succeeded in helping others succeed, then there is no point in continuing this discussion.

Ecommerce may be the most profitable business if you can find ways to sell products without having to keep them.

Specter Ecommerce is the most trusted and genuine platform to learn online business.

The fact that Specter Ecommerce is one of the best dropshipping courses available today has been proven.

Incoming customers can see testimonies from other customers who have been through the course and know what they are talking about and these are all true. Lorraine Chen’s Specter eCommerce is a must if you want to level up your business or you are about to have one, visit Lorraine Chen’s Specter eCommerce site and be one of us.  I earn $20,000 in a span of three weeks. 

You may also want to read other reviews about Lorraine Chen’s Specter eCommerce.

Fun Fact: I was just browsing the net when I stumbled upon one of the reviews about her and I got curious.

My Final Thoughts

Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce Dropshipping program is by far the most engaging technique to understand how to build an online business. You will be walked through the first steps of creating your own business using the program. Once you accomplish this course, you will grasp everything that you need to know about running a successful business.

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