Strategies to Improve the Click-through Rate of Your eCommerce Store

eCommerce store owners always strive for higher conversion rates. The viability of their business relies on it. Whether you’re a big business house or a small business owner, conversion rates keep the ball rolling in the eCommerce domain. If you are a new eCommerce store owner, you may anticipate the customers pouring in as soon as your store is live. But that hardly happens.

The eCommerce industry giants like eBay and Amazon have set the bar extremely high. And not everyone can match their success in the short run. As per Alexa, eBay and Amazon are two of the ten most visited sites in the US. Small and medium store owners struggle to keep their heads above the water compared to the giants. Selling products or services on the Internet is complex.  It is a highly competitive arena, and several business models are identical to yours. 

All these businesses are selling similar products, using the same strategies, having the same target audience, etc. So, how can you make a difference? Let us closely examine some of the practical systems by eCommerce SEO services that will help you boost your marketing campaign.

What is the Click-through Rate (CTR)?

Before exploring the strategies, let us first understand what a CTR is. It’s a percentage of visitors that click on a search engine result. In this instance, it is your website URL. The source for this click can be from a marketing campaign that you are running. The campaign could be email marketing, social media ads, banners, or Google ads.

Tactics to Improve Your CTR for eCommerce

As an eCommerce store owner, your marketing campaigns and ads must generate enough click-throughs to maximize your sales online. If your CTR is low, despite all the marketing efforts, it is time to revisit your strategies:

Target Right Audience

It is essential to understand your brand voice. Learn about your brand audience, their language, interests, and demographics. When you direct your marketing campaign toward the right audience, they will resonate. Let your ad copies highlight their pain points and offer a resolution. They will attract the right customers to your site. On the other hand, if you target the right audience or a broad audience, it will lead to more impressions but better CTR.

Use Emotional Marketing

The goal of every marketing campaign is to sell. The biggest mistake online marketers make is assuming that the customers are rational beings capable of making sound decisions. However, people are emotional, acting on impulses rather than logic. The best eCommerce SEO Services use emotion-driven marketing campaigns to drive conversions. You can use strategies that will get an emotional response from the audience. For example, if you sell life insurance, you can show that you understand the pain and endurance of losing a loved one. You can design your marketing campaign around empathy and compassion.

Position of the Ad

You may not think of it as much, but the positioning of your ad matters a lot. Depending on the marketing channel, you must find a better spot to place your ads. For instance, if you are placing your ad on a website, it’s always better to put it above the fold. Make sure your CTA button is visible and highlighted in email marketing campaigns. For social media ads, you will have positioning options to select depending on your target audience.

Show Your Value Proposition

When you place an ad, you aim to get clicks from visitors. It is equivalent to making a sale. Therefore, you must write a copy highlighting your USPs and convince them to click. Generic and lifeless words will bore them, and they will move on to the next screen or scroll away. Use words that will entice the audience to click. Go with catchphrases like gifts, lifetime, discounts, limited offers, etc. 

Use Necessary Keywords 

Use keywords that are relevant to your business. The keywords will ensure you appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

For instance, if a person searches for black shoes online and your ad displays black shoes, it’s a home run. But if your ad shows black belts instead of shoes, it’s a missed opportunity. You must also be mindful of SEO-friendly practices to gain traction and boost your sales.

Use Specific and Descriptive Headlines

Headlines are one of the most critical aspects of your ad. Headlines attract people and make them click on your ads. Use clear and specific headlines highlighting the benefit of clicking on your ad. You can use some of these headline examples listed below.

  • Save 35% on your next purchase
  • Free Shipping on Orders Above $40
  • $50 Off Your Next Purchase
  • Sign up for our newsletters and get a gift

It’s also important to have different headline variations to understand which works best for you.

Optimize Landing Page Design

The landing page is the first page your audience will see after clicking the link of your ad campaign. Make sure the design is optimal and manageable. The website must not be cluttered with several images, videos, or text. Make a page that is visually appealing and clean. Ensure the site is mobile-friendly, as mobile traffic has increased steadily. 

Add Attractive Images

Images are a powerful tool. They speak more than text. You must invest in finding quality images that will deliver your message. If you can pay for an excellent graphic designer, then hire one. They will offer you professional quality and customized images to go with your brand.

Optimize Your CTA

You must optimize your CTA for each campaign. Your CTA must match the theme of your brand so that the audience understands your message clearly. 


Your CTR plays an important role in the success of your digital marketing campaigns. It enables visitors to browse through your offerings. Therefore, optimizing your content is a priority. With many options available for improving the CTR, business owners can easily monetize their sites.

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