New COVID-19 Cases Up 11% Last Week

The World Health Organization says the number of COVID-19 cases has increased by 11% over the past week, with the largest increase in the Americas. The increase has been steady since October, and the latest WHO epidemiological report shows nearly 4.99 million new cases between December 20 and 26. The increase in the U.S. was 3%, but the continent still had the highest rate of infection.

Largest increase in America

According to World Health Organization statistics, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths worldwide increased by 11% last week. The largest increase was seen in the Americas, with the proportion of newly reported cases rising to 16.5% from 10.2% the day before. However, the rise was not due to more intensive testing. The virus’s genome is complex enough to overcome the immunity of most people. The virus’ genetic code is more resistant to the immune system, which should lower the risk of severe disease.

Symptoms of a rapidly

The increase in COVID-19 cases is a symptom of the disease spreading more rapidly than previously thought. Those who are at a higher risk of the virus are encouraged to get the vaccine before a new outbreak occurs. It is the best way to protect yourself from the deadly viral infection. There are many vaccinations available to prevent the spread of the virus. The latest Covid vaccine is the best available treatment for children.

Increased covid-related mortality

China has enacted stricter COVID rules, requiring visitors to show a negative test result 48 hours before entering the city. The increase in covid-related deaths has been the largest since the first cases were reported in March. In the United States, the UK’s Office for National Statistics reports that there were 995 deaths related to the disease during the week ended 5 November. This is an increase of 16 per cent compared to the previous week.

Covid-related illness in the United States

The World Health Organization says the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the week ended 5 November was the highest since the beginning of the pandemic in early October. More than ninety-five per cent of the new cases in the United States were in the Americas. Meanwhile, the numbers in the Eastern Mediterranean were down 6% from the previous week. Moreover, the number of deaths related to COVID-related illness in the United States increased by eleven per cent.

The Americas highest number of cases

The World Health Organization says the number of COVID cases and deaths in the past week has increased by 11%. The American continent is the country with the greatest number of cases, while Europe has the second-highest number of cases. Despite the increase, the disease has been relatively milder in most regions. In the United States, the disease has been reported in three million people, with two deaths in the U.S.

 Widespread in Europe

According to WHO statistics, the number of confirmed COVID 19 cases and deaths decreased this week. While the disease has spread rapidly in the Americas, it is still widespread in Europe. The incidence of the disease in the Western and Eastern Mediterranean is at its highest level since the beginning of the pandemic. Besides the US, Russia reported nearly ten thousand new cases during the week. During this time, the region had the highest infection rate among the world.

Happened in Mexico and the Caribbean

The WHO reports that the number of confirmed COVID 19 cases and deaths decreased in the Western and Eastern Mediterranean. The number of new cases and deaths in South-East Asia was up by 6%. In the Americas, the biggest increase in the disease was in Mexico and the Caribbean, with almost ten million new cases and three million deaths in the Americas. The numbers were similar to those of last week, and the outbreak is still affecting several countries around the world.


The number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths was down by 11% this week. The total incidence of the disease remains at the highest level since the outbreak started. The decrease was seen in both Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, but was flat in South-east Asia. Although the number of new cases decreased globally, the number of deaths in Europe increased by 10%. Its rates were the highest among all regions of the world.

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