My Favourite Animal Dog in Marathi

The meaning of my favorite animal dog in Marathi is “the happiest dog in the world”. The translation of this essay is from the Marathi language. This article also includes definitions for similar words in Marathi and their English equivalents. You can also learn how to say the word “my favourite animal dog” in both languages. We hope this article has helped you find the right word to describe your favourite animal!

Dogs are the king of animals

What does “my favorite animal dog” mean in Marathi? A dog is the king of animals, so it is appropriate to say that the dog is the king of dogs. The name of the dog in Marathi is shikaar, meaning “dog-shaped”. This animal is a symbol of love and loyalty, and it has many benefits, which is why the dog is known as a symbol of love.

The most popular pet in town

This dog is the king of animals, and it is the king of all animals. In Marathi, the dog is called kutraa, and it is the most popular pet in the city. This means that kutraa is a royal animal, and a shikaar is a regal hound. Hence, the dog is called the king of dogs.

The dog’s head is a symbol of strength

My favourite animal dog in Marathi is the shikaar, or the imaandaar. This is the name of a cat in English. The shikaar refers to the dog’s head. This dog’s head is often considered a symbol of power, and is sometimes referred to as the king. This dog is also called kutraa. The shikaar, which means “dog” in Marathi, has the same meaning.

The most important of the dogs

The dog is also called the ‘king’ of Marathi. The word dog means ‘king’ and “kingdom”. In Marathi, this animal is known as’mana” or’manasi’. This is the most important of all dogs. It is the most popular and noble of all animals. It is the king of the city, and is the most valuable.

The dog is the god of the forest

The shikaar is the dog’s name in Marathi. It is the dog that is the god of the forest. The shikaar is the dog that protects the city. The kutraa is a great example of a manasi. During the day, it is the king of the forest. Its name means ‘king.’ Its owner is the master of the jungle.


The dog is the king of the forest and is the best friend of humans. It is also the most beloved animal in marathi. Its name means ‘king’ in Hindi and is the most common way to say ‘king.’ This is the same as “dog’ in English. This is the most popular dog in the city. The kutraa is the name of the dog in Marathi.

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