Muslim Women in India Being Put Up for Sale

“Sulli Deals” – a Twitter app that allows users to buy and sell Muslim women – has caused a furore in India. The app has forced the host platform Github to block the user who created the website, and the police are now coordinating further action. The “Sulli Deals” website and app featured photos of Muslims from all over India, including Hana Khan, a commercial pilot.

Electoral sexuality has been asserted

“Sulli Deals” involves pictures of Muslim women being put up for sale in India by right-wing Hindu men, who claimed to be acting in the interest of their own interests. The images, titled “Sulli Deals,” asserted anti-Muslim hatred and selective sexism. The app was developed by an unidentified group known as Bulli Bai, and hundreds of Muslim women were posted.

Need a safe place to do business

The Muslim women featured on Sulli Deals were photographed by people who had already signed up to the service. Several websites and apps used these photographs to sell them. While the majority of Muslim women aren’t targeted for sale on the site, those with the means to do so should be careful. The Islamic community has long opposed such sites. This is why they need a safer space to do business.

It is activating anti-Muslim hatred

While the app has caused a stir by posting pictures of Muslim women on social media, its purpose is more serious. It is promoting discriminatory behavior towards these women, as well as exploitation. In the process, it is enabling anti-Muslim hate. This app is aimed at destroying the Muslim community in India. So far, the app has not been banned, but it is still circulating online.

Selim has been criticized for using pictures of women

In addition to the Sulli Deals app, there are several other social media websites that are targeting Muslim women in India. A number of these sites claim to be independent websites, but these are merely fake. Many of the posts have been removed by the administrators. However, these sites have been criticized for using public pictures of Muslim women. The website itself is a scam. Its creators claim to be selling Muslims, but this is not true.

Understanding the context of the site is important

While it is important to understand the context of these sites, it is important to understand the full extent of their reach. In India, this campaign is an attempt to target Muslim women who are speaking out against Hindutva majoritarianism. There are a number of reasons why the Sulli Deals app is being used. One reason is to facilitate the sale of illegal goods in the country.


“Sulli Deals” are an app that has been circulating for nearly a year. The app featured stolen images of Muslim women and Hindus in India. The app’s creators also claimed that the app was an attempt to target Hindu nationalists and to defame Muslims. In fact, the website had been shut down for months, and only a few people were able to access it.

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