Motorcycle Accidents in Salem -What Damages You Can Recover and Evidence Needed

Riding a motorcycle is one of the best feelings ever. Many people love riding a motorcycle as it gives you an experience of freedom on the road with fresh air. Unfortunately, motorcycles lack safety compared to cars. This also means that the accidents that result from a car accident are more severe than car accidents. Bike riders are always encouraged to follow all the safety precautions to eliminate the risk of severe injuries in case of any misfortunate events. 

Since motorcycles may not be visible to another driver, it can lead to an accident. Similarly, someone else driving carelessly on the road can also drag you into an accident. Various factors will be considered when you seek financial compensation following a motorcycle accident. 

The insurance company often uses tactics to minimize or deny compensation. This is where you need a personal injury lawyer in Salem to handle the complexities and ensure you get a successful claim. 

What damages can you recover from a motorcycle accident in Salem?

A motorcycle accident can range from minor to severe, depending on various factors. Sometimes minor accidents can leave the victim with bruises and scratches. On the other hand, extreme or intense accidents can lead to severe physical injuries. Additionally, many motorcycle crashes are fatal, considering the lack of safety options. Therefore, the damages victims can recover vary from one claim to another. 

The damages you can recover may be small for cuts and bruises. However, in case of physical injuries and property damage, you are eligible to get higher compensation. Some of the common economic damages that you can recover after filing a motorcycle accident claim include: 

  • Surgical expenses. 
  • Medical bills, including hospital stay, equipment needed, medications, rehabilitation costs, doctor’s charges, post-surgical expenses, and more. 
  • Lost wages due to injuries. 
  • Damage to your motorcycle sccbuzz

Many victims also suffer from non-economical damages after the accident. Calculating non-economical damages is tricky as you cannot put financial value over emotional damage. Irrespective of that, you can seek compensation for: 

  • Loss of enjoyment. 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Chronic pain. 
  • Anxiety and depression. 
  • Any emotional distress. 

What evidence can help you in getting compensation?

Evidence can support your claim significantly. Some of the vital evidence that you need include: 

  • A police report from the accident. 
  • Pictures and videos from the accident scene. 
  • Estimates of the loss of income. 
  • Medical documents. 
  • Witness statements. 
  • A damage evaluation report from a mechanic in terms of property damage. 
  • Additional documents to support that you faced injuries and damages due to the accident. 

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