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How to Waterproof Your Motorcycle Clothing

You can waterproof your motorcycle clothing at home by using a water repellent spray. You can purchase these products at a sporting goods store or in most outdoor supply stores. The best way to waterproof motorcycle clothing is to wash it yourself by hand. Make sure to use a non-abrasive detergent and avoid putting it in the dryer. Afterward, it’s important to air dry the garment.

 Follow the washing instructions

When washing your motorcycle clothing, remember to follow the washing instructions. Always wash leather gear in cold water, and never dry it in the dryer. Leather and wool motorcycle apparel needs special care. You should also wash your clothing according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as hot cycles will reduce the waterproofed life of the garment. In addition, don’t tumble dry your clothing; some materials are more durable than others.

Prevents water from entering

Invest in waterproof motorcycle clothing that uses DWR technology. This is a material that prevents water from penetrating the outer layer. Historically, wax was used to prevent water from penetrating into a jacket’s outer layer. The DWR technology makes it much more effective than wax. It’s even breathable, and will keep you warm when you’re riding.

Should have a neutral pH

After purchasing a water-resistant motorcycle jacket, you need to wash the clothing. Make sure to use warm water and a mild detergent. The soap should have a neutral pH, and it should be a softened formula to keep it supple. Moreover, don’t use fabric softener, as it can cause the material to become gummed up, which can affect the elastic and comfort of the garment.

Use other waterproof fabrics

To waterproof your motorcycle clothes, you should use H2OUT or other waterproof fabrics. These waterproof fabrics prevent water from penetrating the outer textile layer. They also allow you to breathe easily, making them perfect for riding. Regardless of the type of motorcycle clothing, it is important to choose clothing that is made of natural materials. You will want to avoid harmful chemicals and additives.

To protect from moisture

Wearing the right motorcycle clothing can protect you from rain and other types of moisture. By wearing a water-resistant motorcycle jacket, you’ll be protected from the elements and avoid the risk of chafing. Using a waterproof motorcycle jacket will prevent water from penetrating the outer textile layer. Alternatively, you can use a waterproof jacket that has a DWR membrane.

Its Machine washable

The best waterproofing motorcycle clothing should be washable and machine-washable. During the colder months, you should use lukewarm water for washing and avoid the use of hot water. When you are washing leather gear, you should not use a detergent. If you do, it will not be waterproof enough. Besides, you shouldn’t use any fabric softener.

Clothing may be damaged

Most motorcycle clothing made from textile has DWR. The outer textile layer absorbs water and then stops it from seeping through the liner. Often, these waterproof garments also come with a removable thermal liner. However, it’s recommended that you wash these clothes in warm water to prevent them from absorbing water. In extreme cases, the garment may become damaged.

It is important to keep it clean and dry

It’s important to keep your motorcycle clothes waterproof. Usually, a waterproof jacket will last for a year or more. It’s important to keep the outer layer clean and dry. If you’re washing your motorbike jacket, you’ll want to use a detergent with a neutral pH. Try to avoid the use of a non-abrasive soap. It will prevent your clothes from getting ruined in the worst weather.


When water penetrates your motorcycle clothing, it will soak into the seams, which will result in the waterproof liner being soaked and deteriorating. A good motorcycle jacket is waterproof on the inside and outside. A high-quality, durable fabric will last for years. But, it needs to be waterproof on the inside. Choosing a high-quality, water-resistant membrane is a good idea.

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