How Small Churches Can Visually Improve Services

Small churches may lack the grandeur of a cathedral or the intricate decorations of a mega church, owing to their limited budgets. But that does not mean that they cannot add some visual pizzazz to their services.

And by visually improving their services, we mean making additions that increase audience engagement. Some of the most effective ways for churches to visually improve their services include live streaming, adding interactive maps, live polls, presenting scripture readings & song lyrics, and others.

If your church is looking to enhance the visual engagement of its services, here are the top ideas to consider:

1. Consider Live Streaming

Most small churches don’t see the need to go live during services, especially when they consider the size of their congregation. However, the reality is that there could be followers who would love to attend every service, but they just can’t be there physically.

Live streaming your church’s services can increase attendance and the visual appeal for members of your church who would like to follow virtually.

ProPresenter is the best worship software for churches, regardless of size, not only because of the live output capability but also because it’s loaded with features that make it suitable for church environments. And with separate outputs, you can ensure that your audience at home gets a comprehensive feel of the service.

2. Use Interactive Maps

Interactive maps give congregants a detailed overview of the various areas in the church. You use inputs such as LED walls to create these maps. That way, your followers and any other interested parties can understand what makes each location unique.

As if that’s not enough, you can even use the interactive maps to show how the church actualizes its mission even outside of its physical boundaries. Doing that makes it possible to inspire individuals to get involved with charitable work regardless of where they are.

3. Incorporate Live Polls

Live polls are a great tool for showing church leaders how effective church services are. You can use a live poll as an engaging way to seek feedback from the congregants about various topics such as special service announcements, sermon notes, and others.

Thanks to great technological developments, there are lots of presentation tools that have a live poll feature. Such tools make it easy to display topics of interest on the larger displays, and the congregants can vote on their mobile devices.

4. Presenting Readings and Song Lyrics

There’s usually a great visual impact when you present scripture readings and song lyrics during the service. Since you’ll be using a large display that is easy to read from any area of the church, everyone will find it easy to follow through.

Your service attendees won’t have to take out their phones or Bibles and have to struggle to find where you are reading from. And when it’s time for hymns, it becomes easier for the entire congregation to join in and sing along.

5. Create Worship Backgrounds

Worship backgrounds and slideshows on LED video walls do a great job of setting the ideal tone for a forthcoming session. If, for example, you are going to hold a sermon topic or discuss a scripture passage that you have read, you can create a background theme to reinforce the passage and topic. 

Such backgrounds can include images and even quotes from the bible. You can even use videos, as long as they won’t distract your congregants.

You can even use the video walls during the final session of your service to show photos and videos of your congregation, including other members that are part of your network. This makes it easier to foster relationships while creating a wider church community.

To Sum It All Up,

The above are some of the most effective ways for churches to visually improve their services.

Of course, getting the ideal effect is dependent on using the right tools, and this is where ProPresenter comes in.

ProPresenter is not just a presentation tool for churches. There’s so much you can do with this software solution, thanks to the load of features that it comes with. 

So if you’re looking to enhance the visual attractiveness of your small church service, consider leveraging the power of ProPresenter.


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