How Many Dogs Are in the US?

The Association for Pet Products and Services (APPA) publishes an annual video that summarizes the findings of its recent survey on pet ownership. Approximately 68 percent of households in the US own a dog or cat. According to the APPA, this number has increased steadily since 2000, but has declined in 2012 and 2015. The association says the increase in dog ownership can be attributed to higher adoption rates.

The number of stray and abandoned dogs is increasing day by day

As of 2009, the number of dogs in the US was estimated to be 3.3 million, but this figure is based on the statistics of stray and unwanted dogs. In Houston alone, there are one million stray and abandoned dogs, while the United States has a population of four million people. Shelters are underfunded and can’t care for all of the animals. However, despite the rising numbers of stray and abandoned animals, US citizens adopt approximately four million animals each year, and there are no kill states.

Bulldogs are the most popular

In terms of number of pets, the Bulldog is the most popular, and is the most popular dog breed in the United States. It is also the most common breed in the UK and Hungary. Another study shows that over one-third of all dogs and cats in the country have been reported missing at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, more than 80 percent of those animals are never found. Regardless of the number of dogs, cats, or other pets, Americans have a lot of choices.

Most dogs in the United States have gone astray

There are over three million dogs in the US. The majority of them are stray. There are no standardized data regarding the number of stray animals. The number of euthanized animals varies by state, but the numbers are staggering. The statistics are grim. Each year, more than three million dogs and cats are killed in shelters. This statistic is the worst in the world! Yet, despite the grim statistics, US citizens adopt over four million animals – including stray dogs.

There are more stray dogs in Texas

In 2014, the number of dogs in the United States was estimated to be around 3.3 million. Most of these dogs were found in cities, but they were not in every county. Some animals are found in rural areas, while others are found in urban areas. In Texas, the number of stray dogs is one million. But in other places, it is estimated to be more than a million. That’s a huge amount of animals.

67 percent of households in the United States have pets

In the United States, 3.3 million dogs enter shelters each year. Of these, six hundred thousand find homes. More than half of these dogs return to their owners, but a small number remain unaccounted for. This is a huge problem for the United States, and it is not uncommon for animals to be lost because of carelessness. In 2016, 67 percent of all households in the US owned pets. These statistics contradict each other and are often misleading. The numbers are wildly low.


Despite the low adoption rates, the number of dogs in the United States is steadily increasing. In fact, more households adopted a dog in the US than any other country. Moreover, according to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association and Insurance Information Institute, 88 million dogs and cats are living in the US. If you’re a pet lover, you can be assured that your dog will make you happy.

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