How do you create a watermark using your logo

A watermark is a barely-visible image that is layered over the image, photo or other document. It is a good example. be seen on banknotes , and is one of the methods to safeguard money from counterfeiting. Watermarks on websites are of the time semi-transparent logos or inscriptions which are self-drawn and created using Turbologo or an expert design studio.

Why watermark logos are important and in what contexts do they get employed

The primary goals are related to copyright. These are:

  • Stopping copies of pictures with an attribution link;
  • Stopping the theft of content in accordance with the author’s rights;
  • Stopping the re-use of content
  • Interdiction of editing images without author’s consent;
  • Identifying the site or author who has the content.

For instance, logo watermarks are used to safeguard images from paid photobanks to ensure that people can’t take pictures for the website or on social media.

Additional watermark logos can be displayed on the product’s images on various websites. They can be used to prevent exclusive images to be copied by rivals who offer the same product.

Watermarks can also be added to photos for social networks. Let’s say that a brand shares an interesting memethat users share with enthusiasm. If the picture is branded with the logo of the brand the image’s popularity will increase by the amount of reposts. In case you want embossed Logo stationery for your company, you can order it online these days.

But anyone can apply watermarks, such as for personal photos and illustrations with copyright.

How do you watermark your Logo and how to put it

The first step is to decide what you want to make watermark. Any type of image or text can be used. Logos, brand names the author’s name, last name, nickname Anything is acceptable.

The next step is to determine what your watermark should appear like. It could be subtle or an evocative logo. It is possible to place an image with a watermark in the size of the image, or put a tiny watermark in a corner.

Here are some nuances:

  • A small watermark logo placed in an area is simple to remove by cropping. To avoid theft, it is better to place the watermark diagonally meaning you’ll need to alter the entire image in order to remove it.
  • The watermark logo of solid, uniform backgrounds can be altered in Photoshop. It is best to put the protection element on a small portion of the image, that is detailed or has a variety of colors.
  • The watermark logo must not be distracting, interfere with viewers, or obscure the essential components in the picture. If a smaller watermark can be made to appear opaque and appealing and attractive, the larger one must be clear. Always think about the content of the image and the function of the watermark.

Where can you create and apply a watermark

It’s not necessary to be an Photoshop expert to add a watermark image to your image. There are online tools that can help you do this.


An online service that is free to create logo watermarks on images. The service allows for uploading up to twenty photos at once for processing.


  • Include a photo taken from your computer or on the Internet.
  • You can customize the display on the signage. It is possible to add the text or logo. Choose the color of the font, the font, the transparency level and the slope of the lettering and the size of the logo. The logo you add to the photo is simply dropped and dragged.
  • Download and save the outcome.


Paid online service for processing photos. You can also add watermarks at no cost, however in this instance the photo will be marked Protected with Watermarkly >>. Upload photos to Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, or your personal computer:

  • Upload the image and click Next.>Next
  • Incorporate the text or logo.
  • Modify the display and position on the signage.
  • Click Add Watermark>> and confirm the confirmation of the.
  • Download the photo and add the watermark.

eZy Watermark lite

Conditional app is free that is available on iOS and Android which allows you to apply logo watermarks to images. You can alter things to suit your preferences through each process or design templates. Batch processing with the free version lets users to upload up to five images at a time. The large selection of emojis or stickers as well as fonts and fonts.


Android application to add a watermark to photos using templates or even your logo. When you add the item you can edit the image and choose the best location. The batch processing of images. Certain features are available for purchase.

Visual Watermark

Paid software available for Mac or Windows. This program is ideal for you if you require handling thousands of photos and do not wish to upload images that are not protected in any platform, or wish to apply a watermark offline mode. It can be used not only for photos, but also with videos.

You can modify the tags according to your preferences Add different fonts or upload your logos, or select something from the library built in. The trial period is 30 days however the service’s watermark will be placed on the products.

Pros and pros of using watermarks with logos

The straightforward pros of these particular tags:

  • Lower risk of photo theft. When the watermark of the logo is applied to the image in the way that it’s difficult to remove, for instance or diagonally, the chance of copying is less.
  • More recognition. A logo that is watermarked on a photograph can be another tool for promotion. The more frequently branded images are shared, the better the company or author is recognized.

Watermarking, however, has certain disadvantages:

  • The appearance of an image is damaged. Logo watermarks may distract away from your main picture, alter the aesthetics, and cause problems with the ability to see certain details.
  • Lack of protection against copypaste. Even a well-designed watermarked logo isn’t guaranteed to protect the image from theft. The sign could be cut or taken off, covered with paint or even overlapping with another element.


The creation of a logo using watermarking is still an essential step for those working with graphics. The choice of an online platform or the assistance of a professional to create a logo is dependent on the requirements of customers. If user-friendliness and fast results are important choosing online resources is the ideal choice. They do not need downloading software onto the computer.

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