Finding the Right Physician on Your Company’s Pre-Approved List

If you get hurt on the job or get sick from doing your job, it’s important to get the correct medical attention as soon as possible. Your doctor will play an important role in your workers’ compensation claim by documenting your injuries, establishing work limitations (if necessary), and providing other evidence.

When making your choice from your company’s Panel of Physicians, bear the following in mind. Check this website to know more.

When it comes to your injuries, does this doctor have what it takes to fix you up? Injuries and diseases sustained on the job can range from the very minor (such as skin tears and cuts) to the catastrophic (such as brain damage and cancer). Check the doctor’s specialties to make sure they cover your issue. Spend some time researching each doctor’s history to locate the one who is most equipped to treat your condition. It could be instructive to read what other patients have said about their experiences.

Does the doctor feel confident in his ability to diagnose your injuries? In Virginia, you can only collect workers’ comp benefits if your doctor certifies that your injuries were ailovemusic sustained in the course of employment and specifies the nature of those injuries. Some doctors may be hesitant to back your benefits claim because they lack experience with cases like yours. Look for a doctor who will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Is the physician cooperative with your workers’ compensation attorney? Working closely together will help you get the best possible result in your workers’ compensation case with both your doctor and your attorney. The course of your treatment, any restrictions on your ability to work, and other details of your case should be communicated to your attorney by your doctor on a regular basis. Some doctors avoid interacting with lawyers, and workers’ compensation lawyers in particular, because they fear being drawn into a legal battle. Find a doctor who is willing to communicate regularly with your attorney.

How Can a Lawyer Aid Me in Selecting a Physician from the Available Panel?

To someone who has never filed a claim for workers’ compensation, the procedure may seem daunting. Let’s say you’ve been in a serious accident and are now recovering in the hospital. As a result, you probably do not have the time or the energy to thoroughly analyze all of your employer’s panel of physicians powerful idea .

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