Femicide Q&A: Homicides, Domestic Violence and Online Violence Have Been Exacerbated

While homicides and femicides are both violent crimes, femicide refers to the killing of women. Often, these incidents are related to messages about a woman’s sexuality, ability to live in public spaces, and equal treatment in public roles. Roxanne Krystalli, program manager for the Humanitarian Evidence Program at the Feinstein International Center and a researcher on questions of gender and violence in armed conflict, explains that femicide is a myth. While three-quarters of femicides have been resolved, some cases of violence against women still occur.

One of the reasons for killing women is family formation

Why do women get murdered? One of the causes is the structure of the family. For example, in Juarez, the murder rate for women is much higher than it is in other American cities. However, femicide researchers do not deny that men are more likely to be murdered than women. They study patterns of violence against women in general, not specific victims. The most common types of violence are physical and sexual, and the perpetrator’s socioeconomic status does not matter.

Companions kill women

The violence against women may vary. In some cases, it can occur in an abusive relationship. But in most cases, partners commit femicide. These crimes typically involve ongoing domestic abuse, sexual violence, and intimidation, all of which are sexual in nature. As with most violent crimes, femicide is often committed in an environment where women have less power than their partners. So, how do you identify a femicidal act?

Killing women is a complex problem

Femicides are a complex problem. There are many factors that make a woman the target of a femicides. The first one is the level of sexual violence. Some people might say that all cases of femicides are sexually motivated, but if it is a violent relationship, the violence is still intentional. That’s why femicides are a serious crime.

Violence is not confined to one place

The femicides of Juarez are not uncommon in Mexico. Despite these facts, they still continue to occur. The violence is not limited to a single location. In fact, femicide is a global issue that affects both males and females. Although most cases of a sex violence are in a marriage, it may also include sexual acts or other forms of family violence.

There is no way to stop

A report on femicides has found that a high proportion of women in Juarez were killed. While this is not unusual in a city like Juarez, it does seem that more men are murdered than women. While femicides are still primarily sexual violence, they do not represent a large portion of violent crime. They are, in fact, a common form of assault. Regardless of the cause, there is no way to stop it.

Violent acts are considered sexual harassment

What is a femicide? A femicide is the deliberate killing of a woman for no apparent reason. While a femicides victim is usually not the perpetrator of a homicide, she has committed the crime in the context of an intimate relationship. As such, her violent actions are considered a sex homicide. And these women are typically more vulnerable to sexual violence than men.


What is femicide? In general, it is the killing of a woman for no legitimate reason. In some cases, a femicide victim will be killed by a partner. In other cases, the perpetrator will be a friend or family member who has a history of a violent relationship. A femicide may be motivated by a desire to control the other person.

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