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Enhance the appeal of your walls with mural paints

Mural painting is the best option for adding stunning paintings to walls. People all over the world have prioritised mural painting to improve the aesthetic appeal of their dwellings. These paintings are an excellent way to modernise and breathe new life into walls and spaces. These could be complex portraits or simple, vibrant abstracts with a landscape theme.

Why choose mural paints?

Murals are a fantastic method to draw in new clients, showcase your brand, and communicate your company’s values and culture to clients and staff. Continue reading this article to learn more details about mural paints. Learn about different types of mural paints, their styles and designs.

Benefits of mural paints

Wall Murals Attract Attention: A wall graphic has a much more significant visual impact than a typical drawing. Customers will be compelled to pay attention to them, both new and old.

Use a Wall Mural to Make a Statement: A mural is a unique work of art that makes a strong visual statement in your business. They’ll work wonders for your company’s reputation and brand recognition when appropriately employed.

Scenic art: Numerous studies have demonstrated that colour affects your emotions and that sales are influenced by emotions. Images that are big, bright, and colourful attract customers’ attention, appeal to their feelings, and persuade them to make purchases.

The use of murals is universal: Murals can be used anywhere; they are not just for retail locations. A little freshening up in your conference room, foyer, or corridor can encourage more creative thinking. Offices are increasingly incorporating murals.

Save money to a great extent: Use murals rather than painting to save time and money. The colouring options, such as mural paints, are simple and quick to install. Murals can be made on a range of surface textures, whereas painting requires a smooth, level surface.

Install murals inside your company to match the exterior signage: In terms of design and quality, corporate murals are unrivalled for any company, enterprise, or charity organisation. You can get murals that portray your company’s signage in a creative way or utilise the same colour scheme to attract customers.

Benefit for your company

Using branded murals can help to raise the standard and keep people productive or engaged throughout the workday. They should be incorporated into the layout of open-plan offices as well. The use of signage, which has several benefits, is essential to a business’s success.


Architectural coating laws governing the allowable levels of volatile organic compounds apply to any paint or topcoat applied to a structure’s walls, whether on the interior or exterior (VOCs). As a result, all paints, mediums, and varnishes used for murals painted directly on these surfaces must comply with the same rules. 1 Litre or smaller containers are currently exempt from these requirements.

Here are a few tips on mural painting:

  • You can decorate your office’s interior and exterior walls with murals using paints like Artist’s Matt, Acrylic Low Sheen, Artist’s Gloss, and Gloss Acrylic.
  • The acrylic flat paint’s outstanding opacity only allows for inside application, making it the ideal hue for scenic views.
  • The Ecoshield Clear is the appropriate clear coat for enhancing protection and creating a constant shine level for your mural.
  • The mural can be shielded with the Graffiti Coat for a lasting effect.

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