Defending An Assault Case

When assault charges have been filed against you, you must wonder, “Do I need a lawyer to represent me?” Assault cases are way more complex than any other. An experienced assault lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case. You must navigate through a complicated court system to defend yourself against an assault accusation. The plaintiff’s attorney may try ot show your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You can face significant consequences that can change your life forever. Therefore, if you are accused of an assault case, contact a New Westminster criminal lawyer as soon as possible. 

Defending an assault case

The Sooner you take action for your assault case, the better the outcome will be. Even when you meet the police for the first time, what you say significantly influences your case’s outcome. You may think you can get out of trouble by showing your innocence and side of the story. However, law enforcement can use this information to make a case against you. 

When you hire a criminal lawyer, you will have plenty of time to build a defense for yourself. Defending yourself from assault charges requires a lot of time and effort. Your lawyer will have to know the details of your case. It includes what led to charges and what the police asked.

Your assault lawyer will defend you against assault using several standard arguments, which include:

  • Self-defense

It is the most popular defense in assault situations. There should be an illegal force of violence against the person, honest and genuine fear of danger to oneself, and no provocation or harm on their side. The force employed in self-defense must be proportional to the threat presented by the attacker.

  • Defense for others

One difference between self-defense is that the person must feel that the other person will be hurt by their actions. The defendant must have fair reasons for fearing their safety to claim this defense. 

  • Consent

Consent can be used as a defense in an assault case if the person freely agrees to do a specific action. An example is when individuals participate in contact sports like football or wrestling.

  • Duress

Defense of pressure can be used when the person is compelled to take part in an activity that is considered a criminal violation by the threat of using physical force to cause body damage.

  • Necessity

Any individual who has committed acts that would be deemed illegal but obliged to prevent greater public or private harm is eligible for this defense. 

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