Coloured Dresses women need to stock up on

It can get confusing to find the right choices of dresses that will go for all the occasions when the options available are endless. However, certain outfits and colours flatter certain body types, weather, and events. Colours along with dress type make a massive difference in upgrading your style. Here is your guide to what kind and colours every woman must have in their wardrobe for any outing or occasion from a little black dress to a stunning blue dress, a sultry red dress, a cheery pink dress to a day defining yellow dress

Must-haves Coloured Dresses Women need to Stock on

With various options to choose from, we have sorted out five of the best and must-haves coloured dresses that every woman should own.

1- Classy White Maxi Dress

A breezy maxi dress is a must-have as it is the most adaptable piece to own.  It can be worn at vacations, brunches,  parties, or at the beaches. Opt for a soft crepe white-coloured fabric with intricate designs and lace trim for a chic look.

You can pair this comfy dress with your favourite flip-flops, hoops earrings and a crossbody bag, and you are ready to go!

Whereas for a formal event you can wear your long dress with studded earrings, heels and carry a designer handbag.

People prefer to go with shades of white in summer!

2- Pastel coloured Mini Dresses

A mini dress is your go-to option when you are on holiday. These graceful short dresses come in various patterns like mini skirts, short dresses, and ruffle dresses.

Go for pastel shades, short dresses complementing them with belts or bows to make a style statement and wear flat footwear for all-day comfort. You can also pair it with lace-up sandals and glowy skin!

3. Lilac Coloured Off-Shoulder Dress

Off-shoulder dresses are perfect for a summer weekend outing. Flaunt these off-shoulder dresses in lilac colour so that no one can take their eyes off you. This cosy colour looks good in off-shoulder dresses and even short dresses. Moreover, you can add some neckpieces to enhance feminine and flattering appeal further.

4- Solid Coloured Sheath Dress

Whether a casual meeting or a grand occasion, solid coloured sheath dresses enhance your presence and make you stand out. This straight-fitted dress flaunts your body’s curvy figure. Pair it with flat sandals, gold jewellery, and a handbag for casual outings like brunches or dates. Wear heels and a few pieces of jewellery, and you are good to go!

5- Pink Coloured Dresses

Be it any shades of pink; it brings a tender and peaceful vibe, especially blush and pastel pink. It is the most soothing shade of pink and a super versatile colour as it can match anything in your wardrobe. It enhances your feminine side and adds a charismatic flair to it.

You can pair any pink-coloured dress, be it a straight fit or a ruffled midi dress, with infinite styling options like sandals, sneakers, booties, loafers, and more.

Thus, a woman’s wardrobe must be full of various dresses ranging from mood-boosting colours to solid to floral prints for endlessly and effortlessly styling. But, of course, you can also go for vibrant hues, almost-neon tones and sometimes, pastels.

Whether you’re a colour person or not, these are a few colours that you must have in your wardrobe to create versatility. You don’t have to necessarily choose these colours in their original form but can also pick shades depending on your aesthetic and you’re all set for a fun and vibey wardrobe! Visit VERO MODA now to shop for these and many more types of dresses and women’s wear.

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