Big Brother is Watching You As Electronic Surveillance Dominates Lives

The phrase “Big Brother is Watching You as Electronic Surveilance Dominates Lives” is a popular one today, referring to governmental surveillance using cameras and listening devices. It is an apt metaphor for totalitarian societies in which everyone is subject to constant government observation and surveillance. This phrase is a reminder of how dictatorships manipulate the public, using propaganda to convince citizens to follow the government’s orders.

GPS-enabled devices can track your movements using satellites

We are already aware of the fact that our electronic footprints are being tracked every second of every day. We are unaware of it, but we are subject to these surveillance systems without realizing it. Cell phones record information about callers and ATM card transactions, including the time they were used. Video cameras are equipped with facial recognition software. GPS enabled devices can track your movements using satellites, and the government can share this information with law enforcement officials.

GPS-enabled gadgets can be tracked by satellite

In addition to surveillance, our electronic footprints are being tracked, including our locations. Cell phones record caller names and ATM card usage. Video cameras have facial recognition software, and GPS-enabled gadgets can be tracked by satellite. These devices can even be shared with local police and government agents to locate our whereabouts. This means we’re being watched at all times, even when we aren’t there.

Monitor our activity

What are the implications of electronic surveillance? These technologies are allowing governments to monitor us at our every move. They monitor our activities and records our every move. We can even see what our neighbors are doing through our cell phones. Moreover, our thoughts are being monitored. Through our phones and mobile devices, we can tell if we’re doing something wrong or just say something we’re not doing.

Our thoughts can be tracked

As a consequence, our thoughts can also be tracked. Our ATM card and cell phone records contain the time, date and name of callers. Similarly, video cameras are equipped with facial recognition software. They can be shared with government agencies and local police, and even their location is being monitored. In other words, our thoughts are being watched by “Big Brother” and his “spies.”

Electronic surveillance is a problem

There are many other signs that electronic surveillance is a problem. The first of these is the increasing surveillance of individuals. The government wants to monitor everything we do, and they will do it without our consent. The British government has set aside PS400 million to increase the number of CCTV cameras in their public spaces. Moreover, they will monitor 20,000 homes to see if children are attending school and eating the right food.


We have become complacent and have let our personal information become a target of government surveillance. In the last few years, we have become increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals, and our freedom of speech is under threat. We are constantly monitored by the thought police and the government, and their data can be accessed by anyone who is willing to cooperate with the monitoring. If you are a victim of cybercrime, the only way to stop it is to stop the abuse.

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