A Nigerian Woman’s Story of Being Trafficked and Trapped in Libya

Mirian Isah’s ordeal began when she was just a teenager, but her story is far from unique. Many girls and women were trafficked into forced domestic work, prostitution, and even forced marriage. While in captivity, victims suffered sexual and physical abuse and did not receive proper antibiotics or pain medications. Moreover, victims were raped and faced arbitrary arrests.

Kidnapping by extremist groups

Miriam* was sold into prostitution in Libya by an extremist gang and abused sexually. Later, she moved in with a man who claimed to be her future husband. In Libya, she was abducted by the extremist armed group Islamic State, but her life was spared only because she was pregnant. After her abduction, she was rescued by a group of Libyan soldiers who repatriated her to Nigeria. She is now back in Nigeria, where she lives with her family in a safehouse.

He was sexually abused

Miriam* fled her crowded home in southwestern Nigeria in April. She paid a smuggler $24,000 to take her to Libya and across the Mediterranean. Her plan was to work as a prostitute in Europe. Then, she became a victim of sexual abuse and was forced to undergo an abortion. Today, she is able to return home and help others escape the same fate.

Determined to fight human trafficking

Miriam* hoped for a better life in Europe. Unfortunately, her journey ended in Libya where she was tortured and abused. She finally returned home to Nigeria, but her ordeal has left a lasting mark on her life. As a result, she hopes to educate others about this devastating experience. And she is determined to fight against human trafficking. She hopes to give back her life to her family, her friends, and her culture.

Reporting the dangers of human trafficking

A Nigerian woman fled a crowded home to flee to Libya with the hopes of a better life in Europe. Her journey ended in Libya, where she was raped and sexually abused by traffickers. In recent months, she returned to Nigeria to seek a better life in Europe. This story shows the perils of human trafficking and what it means for those who have been trafficked.

This story echoes the experiences of many more women

A Nigerian woman’s story echoes the experience of many other women. Her sex-slavery story has been repeated around the world for decades. Until recently, she was forced to pay the smuggler $24,000 to take her across the Mediterranean to Libya and work as a prostitute. Her tale is the most powerful of all. The story of trafficking and slavery is a sham.


Despite her story, traffickers abused and trafficked women. She escaped from her crowded home in southwestern Nigeria and paid a smuggler $24,000 to cross the Mediterranean. She had no idea how long she would be incarcerated in a shack in Libya. She was sexually abused by a group of men who were not even aware of her identity. Fortunately, she eventually came home to Nigeria.

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