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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Set Up a Fish Tank

Before starting a new aquarium, one needs to search the internet to gather information and learn the entire process. Pet fish tank aquariums are very common these days. Here is a detailed guide on how to set up a fish tank for a new pet fish. Those committed to fish life must set up a fish tank for their new pet fish. They have to create a healthy environment for new family members.

Follow the Steps to Set up a New Fish Tank

There are some vital steps that one must follow when setting up a new fish tank.

Remove the tank/aquarium from the box

First, one needs to remove the tank from the box and keep it in a safe place. If necessary, one has to make a stand at this time. Then they have to add the background of the aquarium if purchased. If there is a light in the tank, one must check whether it is working correctly. Then they have to clean the inside of the tank with a wet cloth without using any chemicals or soap. It will assure the owner that there is no dust.

Put the tank /aquarium in position

After building the stand and adding the background, one must place the pet fish tank aquariums properly. One needs to do it before filling it with water. If it gets heavy, it will be risky to place it properly.

Rinse all gravel and ornaments

Then, using some warm water, one needs to rinse the gravel and ornaments purchased to make them free of dust and paint. Then they have to keep them in the tank. One needs to place the gravel without hitting the bottom of the tank. Otherwise, it can cause damage. 

Fill the tank

Then one has to slowly fill the tank with water to prevent any contamination from the gravel.

Turn on the filter

Then one has to switch in the electrical tool connected to the tank. It has to be kept in mind that one needs to keep the light on for up to eight hours every day. If it has been left switched on, it may be the cause of algae growth. 

Add in treatments

One needs to follow the instructions on the bottles to check whether one is adding the proper dosage to the tank. It is very essential to create beneficial odisha discom bacteria. For this, one needs to use a water conditioner and a biofilter.

Let the tank cycle

Then one needs to let the tank cycle and develop a decent biological filter before adding any fish. It can demand an entire month. 

Keep testing the water

After adding fish into the new tank, one must taste the water continuously to keep them safe and secure. 


Creating a healthy environment may reduce the chance of pet fish tank aquariums suffering from New Tank Syndrome. After getting positive results, one may buy fish as new family members in their home.

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