7 primary tips to keep your Escondido home safe from pests

Knowing that you have an active pest situation in your Escondido home can be scary. If you believe that rodents and insects just disappear, you are mistaken. These pests are known to reproduce rapidly, and in no time, you will have to counter them everywhere. The good news is that services like Brooks Pest Control can offer bespoke and green solutions to contain the infestation. In this post, we have enlisted some essential tips that matter.

  1. Focus on sanitization and cleaning: Your kitchen, attic, and basement can be a source of hiding for pests. Ensure that you keep up with deep cleaning and sanitize the areas every now and then. Ensure you are not keeping food out in the open or within reach.
  2. Look for entry points: Pests can get inside your house through cracks, crevices, doors, and windows. Call the experts if necessary to seal all such entry points. Check if other areas of the property need attention, including pet entry doors.
  3. Spend a little on landscaping: You must focus on keeping the garden and yard clean, as pests often make their way into your home through bushes and plants. Ensure that trees and plants don’t touch the exteriors of your house.
  4. Use natural oils: Essential oils like peppermint are helpful in repelling many pests, including spiders and mosquitos. You can also consider tea tree oil. Natural means are better and safer, and you can also find botanical products in the market.
  5. Choose yearly pest control: Annual pest prevention contracts allow you to use the expertise of a professional service to keep insects and rodents away. The price is usually affordable and will include inspections and follow-up treatments.
  6. Watch out for how you offer pet food: Pets can bring joy, but keeping their food and water in the open can welcome uninvited pests. If you already have an active infestation, try to fix the timings to feed your pets. You should also check whether your pets, especially dogs and cats, have fleas and ticks.
  7. Choose a reliable service: Many pest control companies operate in Escondido, but choose one that’s reliable, has been in business for a long time, and is capable of handling your requirements. Check online ratings, look for their licensing and other details, and find out if they have insurance. You can also consider talking to the experts about green methods and strategies to counter pests.

Start protecting your home before things get worse.  

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