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6 Amazing Metal Edging Ideas to Get Inspo From

Metal edging is the most stylish way to line the features and smarten a garden space. It is the perfect combo of trendy.

Corten steel edging is probably the most sought-after landscaping idea, and it’s likely to stick around for quite some time. But you can also get some other options in powder-coated and shiny copper looks.

If you are looking for garden edging solutions but worried that you don’t have a contemporary space for the designs, you are in for a surprise. Metal edgings can be surprisingly versatile and complement any garden theme perfectly.

Below are some edging ideas you can draw some inspiration from.

Line borders for garden paths

The warm tones and resilient nature of Corten steel edging have led to its ever-increasing popularity and usage in garden designs. The surface of Corten steel doesn’t rust; instead, its exposure to the atmosphere creates a protective layer making it appear rusty. When you use such edging, you remain assured of it holding up against the different weathering elements requiring little or no maintenance.

Using contrasting colours, you can define sweeping garden paths against billowing borders and increase the overall appeal.

Raised flower bed design

If you want to bring about some changes to your flower bed ideas and provide a bit more edge, using metal can be the best way. A sturdy design for your raised flower beds can offer an industrial vibe and bring the scene closer to eye level. Also, to achieve a stark contrast, you can juxtapose the design against wilder planting and get the desired contemporary look.

Subtle patio makeover

The metal edging can give an excellent makeover to your patio as well. You can choose powder-coated steel options in grey tones that can beautifully complement your luxe furniture, pergola, planters, and paving. Also, it can define your sunken seating space and the flower bed more subtly, creating a clean appearance. If you want to balance the chic monochrome tone of the patio, opt for timber accents on the pergola.

Contrasting look for the paving

A small stream of water creates a soothing appearance and can be an excellent garden divider idea. Plus, when you line it with plants and small stones, it completely blends with the look of your plot.

You can even get a jungle-like vibe with dense borders with textural foliage around the garden’s perimeter. However, if you try to achieve a balance in the scene, mixing Corten steel edging and sleek paving is the best idea. The result you achieve is modern with an essence of the natural landscape.

Stylish garden steps

If you don’t have enough ideas about changing the appearance of your garden steps and making them more practical and style, metal edging can be an effective solution. Using gravel for a sturdy base underfoot and Corten edging for a sharp contrast, you can transform the entire look of garden steps. Also, by making some alterations in planting arrangements by adding tufts of ornamental grass or small ferns, you can create a more softened look.

Modern look for lawn

Using metal can give a lawn a modern and minimalistic appearance. However, you don’t have to opt for a 100 per cent metal design. Instead, you can look for panels made from eco-friendly materials which are durable and require low maintenance. However, for posts, you can choose powder-coated aluminium, which is resistant to corrosion.

Metal edging has been quite a rage in recent times. However, before getting it done, you must thoroughly know the kind of metal that suits your edging preferences. It is always best buxic to opt for sturdy ones with low corrosion rates requiring less maintenance.

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